Falling Darkness

All Hell Comes Down To This

Also known as Falling Darkness: Hell Raising
Genre Fantasy
Starring Lucy Hale
Danielle Campbell
Charles Michael Davis
Steven R. McQueen
Daniel Gillies
Caitlin Stasey
Number of seasons 1
Number of episodes 25 ([[Episodes|List of episodes]])
Executive producer(s) Watcher
Running time 45 mins
Original run 2017 — Current
Premiere episode Pilot
Final episode N/A
Falling Darkness, also known as Falling Darkness: Hell Raising, is part of the Falling Darkness Chronicles.

Plot Edit

The show follows young Witch Artemis Montclair (Hale) and her best friend Shape-Shifter Kate Selvig (Campbell) are forced right into the deep end of their Supernatural world. When Artemis discovers hidden truths behind her mother's death, she runs away from home and learns that her previously hidden community is to play battleground for the Vamp-Were War and is forced to try and stop it with the help of Vampire Warrior Reaper (Davis) and Werewolf Prince Titus Morgenstern (McQueen) before the War destroys everything Artemis and Kate have ever known.

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