Know Thy Enemy
Season 1, Episode 2
[[Image:1x02 - Know Thy Enemy|center|283px]]
Broadcast Information
Premiere date 2017
Written by Watcher
Cinematography by Watcher
Editing by Watcher
Season One
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Pilot I Would For You
"I swear to you that you shall have my protection whenever I can grant it."
Titus Morgenstern to Artemis Montclair

Pilot is the second episode of Falling Darkness: Hell's Raising.

Synopsis Edit

After a near death experience involving rogue Werewolves, Artemis has her friends hide out at her sister's house. The four decide on their next move while Artemis and Venus are forced to discus buried secrets.

Cast Edit

Main Edit


  • First appearance of Venus Montclair
  • First episode where Joseph Montclair is absent

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